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Sewage pumps & Sludge pumps

Sewage pumps & Sludge pumps


The Series PW sewage pumps and Series WPF stainless steel corrosion-resistant sewage pumps are single-stage, single suction cantilevered centrifugal pumps…


The Series ZW self-priming sewage pumps are developed based on the combination of Enine's Series ZX self-priming pumps and the Series QW sewage pumps. The pump …


The Series GW / LW / YW non-clogging sludge pumps have been developed with the current advanced technologies at home and abroad. The products …


QW - Submersible non-clogging sludge pumps; QWP - Stainless steel Submersible non-clogging sludge pumps; QWB - Explosion-proof Submersible …


The Series AS pumps are submersible non-clogging sludge pumps with shredder, designed and manufactured based on ABS's product from German.

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